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Check back for information concerning PhotoTheric's partner physicians
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PhotoTheric is expanding phototherapy services across the
United States. If you're a physician interested in working in
partnership with PhotoTheric, you will benefit from the company's
intensive marketing operations and skill at managing phototherapy
services at your medical practice. For more information,
please contact PhotoTheric at 888-411-9725 or email us.











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The Results Speak For Themselves!

I can say without a doubt that phototherapy
has been one of the best decisions I have
made for my practice.


We have had tremendous success in treating chronic conditions for a range of patients
from children to the elderly.


The protocols are simple and easy to follow. Patients are satisfied with their results and are extremely happy that they are not taking potentially harmful immunosuppressant drugs.


The ability to treat chronic conditions more effectively than any other treatment on the market was a welcomed option to our office.

– Dr. Adam D.